Hi, my name is Logan Erickson and I am breakdancing designer and storyteller. I have an energetic passion and undying motivation for games. I get to carry out my dream every day in Salt Lake City and at University of Utah's Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program.

I have been telling stories my whole life on the stage and with friends. At age 7, I created my first game. My friends and I spent most of our time playing this paper castle simulation at school rather than listening to our teacher. It was great fun. I have always loved the social interaction of games and by age 12 I had started my own game club and business around used miniatures complete with a website and eBay Store. From then on I have been driven to create games and put smiles on faces. I never looked back but rather look to new horizons.

Games are the most interactive and immersive medium, I firmly believe we have only begun to utilize games to their full potential. My goal, to create games that do more than just entertain but also have positive education and social impact.