Hi, my name is Logan Erickson, and I am an experienced game designer, developer, and business operator. From a young age, I pursued a career in game design and had the honor of being selected as an IGDA Scholar in 2018. I attended the University of Utah's Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program, and with my entrepreneurial background, I joined a local game studio startup, Octothorpe.

At Octothorpe, we have innovated in virtual reality and on the tabletop, with our most recent project being Singularity.exe, a deterministic card game that empowers endless creativity with absolutely no randomness. While attending school and working at Octothorpe, I met world-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Michael Merzenich who would bring me in to start Stronger Brains.

I co-founded Stronger Brains to improve children's mental health and learning. We have helped children around the world with our platform. In Q1 of 2022, we were selected to be part of NYC's leading tech accelerator ERA (Cohort 22) and during the program pivoted Stronger Brains from an ed-tech company to a health tech company. It has been a fantastic experience, and I am very grateful for the journey!

My passion continues to lie in crafting outstanding games, and as a perpetual student of game design, I constantly seek to evolve and innovate. I thrive on pushing gameplay boundaries to create truly exceptional experiences that resonate deeply with players.