Project Ukulele is a competitive card game like no other.

Role: Designer and Business Development

I have demoed the game in select meetings at E3 and pitched it to perspective publishers at GDC every time receiving feedback that the design is unlike anything they have ever seen before.

Ukulele's unique design removes randomness from competitive card games. We plan to launch it to mobile, PC and as a physical card game. I have worked on the design for the last year and a half at Octothorpe through many iterations.


  • Content creation
  • System design
  • Mechanics
  • Balancing
  • Unity 3d

Business Development

  • Trade Shows
  • Publisher Communications

I worked one-on-one with our Lead Engineer to develop a system that integrated Google Spreadsheets for all of our game data. Here is an example of some of the system design work I have done.